Suncycle supports experts, PV installers, EPC’s and all other service providers in the PV sector with its test analysis and repair capabilities. The mobile laboratories provide electroluminesce and STC performance test directly at the PV site. Suncycle PV service centers offer laboratory grade tests and individual repairs for all PV components. In addition we offer technical reports and comprehensive technical due diligence. Quality assured used modules from Suncycle generate positive returns even in less attractive locations.

Suncycle offer the perfect range of services and expertise to become the local sub-contractor for EPC’s within the UK & Ireland. Our established professional team will carry out all of your contractual obligations within the initial warranty periods and beyond and ensure that our pricing is lean and our operations are efficient. For any O&M tender enquiries, please get in touch.

To offer European local support services ranging from electrical operations to grounds maintenance, module cleaning and civil works, we work closely with experienced companies and partners. The respective documents for the qualification as Suncycle Partner Program „Modules and More“ can be found here. We look forward to exploring joint opportunities with you.

Mobile Test Labs

Suncycle offers all standard and intrinsically – developed and certified repair procedures for all components of photovoltaic systems . In close cooperation with the quality and service departments of our client, we ensure with our service teams and an interface open IT infrastructure cost and punctual handling of your repair projects.

Stationary Test Labs

Suncycle offers its PV test centre for all standard testing and inspection of PV components. Individual test and verification requirements are compatible for each job. The evaluation results can be processed for all photovoltaic components in an interface/open ticket system and the customer serial numbers are placed exactly available.

Standard O&M Contracts

Suncycle provides a one-stop-shop for your solar O&M needs. If you need to sub-contract elements or the whole of an O&M contract, come to us for complete peace of mind.

Suncycle have developed in-house work management systems which ensure effective and efficient operational deployment of resources. Our internally developed data monitoring platform ensures that all of the sites we manage are monitored from one place, all faults and alarms are dealt with in an optimised fashion and that all of our client reporting is consistent and easy to follow.

Suncycle also have a cloud-based data room system which provides the client with a secure location for project or contract documentation and investigative results.

Suncycles aim is to ensure the customer experience is enhanced through out business management tools and systems.

Advanced O&M

Like a lot of other O&M service providers, Suncycle can offer the basic O&M package. The difference is that we do the basics well, and we offer a lot more.

Suncycle offer incentives to our long term clients such as free ‘site health checks’ and preferential rates on our mobile laboratory services. This along with industry leading O&M (£/MWp/annum) rates and profit-share availability guarantees, means that Suncycle are the smart choice in becoming your ideal long term service partner.

Working with advancing technologies such as Aerial (drone) thermography, and using our extensive technical expertise to interpret the data extracted, provides our clients with instant gains and can unearth significant issues within the design, construction and operation of solar assets.

Put you assets in safe hands, contact Suncycle today.