The achievement of target yields takes top priority for operators and investors. Special attention has to be paid to maintaining the PV system’s performance and output. Performance tracking has now become a standard procedure, but the preventive identification of faults and their remedy is just as important – before there is any loss of revenue. Suncycle travels around Europe with mobile teams to carry out maintenance work and repairs.

Suncycle already offers assistance in the planning and construction phase through yield assessments and progress checks. Technical approvals and assessments during commissioning or at the end of the warranty period are part of our daily business.

Performance of the technical operational management – starting with monitoring – is in good hands at Suncycle Operations.

  • Construction Quality Control & PV Test Centre Quality Checks
  • Planning & Construction Supervision
  • Advanced Operations & Maintenance to Manage Multi-site Portfolios
  • System Testing & Troubleshooting
Independent Yield Assessments for Profitability Studies

Before plant design we support investors and installers in the assessment of potential income. This yield reports ensure as a basis the economic calculation of the investment in the PV sector.

If you have operational plants, we can carry out point-in-time assessments to independently cross check your understanding of the plants performance.

End-to-End Quality Control

Suncycle offers investors specialised quality control programs. With our end-to-end quality control we start in the factory with inline inspections and sample tests. To protect against transportation damages and assure best quality those results are matched against mobile tests on-site. This process offers a comprehensive quality assessment and minimizes the risk for later surprises. International investors use the program especially when sourcing from less known manufacturers and when buying from not thoroughly inspected plants. The costs are in relation to the gained investement security quite small. We see more and more investors negotiating the quality assurance as part of their contractual arrangement with the manufacturer.

End of Warranty Period Inspections

As part of the statutory and contractual warranties we offer our technical due diligence. Based upon our assessment possible claims against the EPC and or the manufacturer can be placed. We strongly advise investors to schedule their plant assessment before deadlines expire.

These types of inspection are often delivered in three sections:

Desktop Exercise

  • Carry out Dataroom review ensuring that all key items are present and in order.
  • Review the as built design (inc. PVGIS & PVSYST simulations, equipment type, Wp, TIC, module inclination, site irradiation levels, cable calculations)
  • Carry out 24 month operational performance review. Comparing actual production data from the site and carry out cross-check exercise (Designed vs Actual Production).
  • Carry out an EPC/O&M contract review in preparation of formulating End of Warranty Period ‘punch list’ on site.
  • Carry out pre-visit Planning Condition Review – to identify any landscaping or ecological aspects which need to be installed/maintained.

 Site Visits

  • General site construction quality walk around (inc. perimeter fence, CCTV system, Module installation, mounting structure installation, Inverter / Transformer installation, String box installation, Customer Switchgear cabinets, access roads, landscaping & planting, Health & Safety concerns)
  • Carry out spot-check hand-held thermography scans, checking a pre-defined number of modules, string combiner boxes, inverters, transformers).
  • Carry out spot-check electrical testing (inc. continuity tests, RISO, Short Circuit Current, Open Circuit Voltage, & Cable Sizing Validation).
  • Production of ‘photographic punch list’ for works to be carried out before final handover can occur.
  • Carry out full aerial thermographic survey of site array and generate report summarising findings and potential hot-spot/problem areas needing further investigation.
  • Capture still and video images and footage of the respective sites. 

End of Warranty Inspection Report

  • Produce an End of Warranty Inspection Report based on the findings from the desktop exercise and site visit (inc. risk based ‘punch list’).
Long Term Operations Management

Suncycle offers the technical and commercial operational and maintenance of large photovoltaic systems and solar parks. Own engineering teams and repair capabilities ensure shortest response time and best execution quality. As an independent and certified partner of wellknown banks and insurances Suncycle guarantees professional service levels and secures permanent your investment in a sustainable future.